Here are some pics of my accident.

my car entered into the slide right before this point

it kept sliding a good ways untill it hit.....

The bottom stump ripped the tranny shift bracket and i could not shift out of drive and restart my car and get out of the grass. SO i was left getting caught by the police.

Side shot of what stoped me thank God that hill was large and i did not keep sliding. The tree ended up at the top of the hill to the right of my car but i pulled it down after the wreck.

Some damage pics.

The damage from the tree I was expecting a lot more damage those Full frame G body cars can take a  BIG HIT. I felt very safe in this car and that's why I want another G -Body.

Another Pic


I had to part the car out for alot of reasons i can not share on the internet. However the car has gone to a better place and alot of the parts i had were sold to some really nice owners who made their Montes better.


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