Welcome to my Drag Racing page.

Here are a couple pics of my ride and my dads rides that I also drag race.

Here's the web page of the local drag strip that I go to. www.quakercityraceway.com 

It's located at Salem, Ohio 65 miles away from Pittsburgh,PA

Here' s new pics of me burning up the drag strip.

Me getting ready to burn out

I'm going to wait until I Install all my parts listed in my Monte Carlo page before I tell you  my 1/4 mile times.

this is a far away shot of me racing. Gotta love bracket racing

Here's a pic of my 2nd place trophy I won. I lost to a steady 98 Camaro w/ a LS1 He was turning mid 13's it was sweet.


This was on a hot day w/ 305 stock motor w/ 105,000 miles

Crappy 2.56 gears        th350 tranny w/ shift kit  dual exhaust w/glass packs and a gutted cat

CHAMPION Doug   98 LSI 13.799 84.43
Runner Up Mike   85 Monte Carlo 17.808 77.45

I wont pretend my car was fast :) it had 2.56.1 gears w/ posi and alot of high performance parts but nothign matched up well, and I got screwed over alot 1500 stall convertor the list of crap goes on and on. but my best time w/ the stock engine, glasspacks, tranny w/ shift kit and thats it was..


Here's a pic of me dragging my 1999 Pontiac Bonneville SLE

3800 engine 205hp   235lbs  of torque

Quarter mile time        16.00       w/ a K&N cone filter, dynomax muffler, n some other goodies :)

The engine was too hot  I hope to get some more runs in during the 2001 season                        

My dad wonders why the tires are always  low on tread. hmmmm   I don't know?        They don't make tires like they use too.   hahahahahahahah

I also drag raced my dads Chevelle SUPER SPORT

My best time was 13.15 I still cant hook up enough. Once I hook up good and get a good launch I'm hoping to turn 12.90

I did better than my dad racing his own car. Next time I go I'm going to manually shift it at 5500 and let it flash to 6 grand and I know it'll turn high 12's in the quarter mile

This is the old caddy I raced it had a 275 hp north star

The car did 15.6 in the quarter mile w/ tires spinning

This is a picture of me racing my dads new daily drive.     I LOVE THIS CAR!!!!!!!

Its a 1999 Cadillac Eldorado  ETC

 300hp   295lbs torque

Quarter mile time was     14.83 w/ just a cone style K&N airfilter 6 inches long and a ton of tire spin

Too much tires shredding off the line but this beast really hauls ass. Pretty good for a 4,000 pound car huh

I've beaten many a mustang with this car. It is a sleeper.

I have to drive this until  2003. Then Cadillac is hopefully coming out with a new car called the EVOQ.  It will be a drop top RWD 425hp beast. the motor is a supercharged north star. (insert drool here)


I've also drag raced my sisters 1998 Saturn SL2 w/ 125 horsepower torque ?

I did 16.7 in the quarter mile. semi decent for a 4 banger

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