I am just uploading random pics for my enjoyment. SO there ya go.

This is a picture of my friends 87 LS he did a lil drinking n driving (often but he got busted many times too) and look what has happend to it. But at the end he had to part out his car and i gained alot of free n cheap parts :) thanks again DAVE


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God bless America and a big pile of dirt that he hit late at night this wa s good pic too.

a once clean engine but now 1/2 has gone to me :)  btw 305 w/ mad power

don't go 90 + mph w/ a unlocked t top :( and also don't hit a  telephone pole and other poles and other trees and other hills and other cars when driving drunk. not a smart thing to do.

I got this pic form the montecarloss board and i loved it i hope the maker doesnt mind :)

This is the only cop car i would not be able to outrun :)




Thats all the pics i have for now

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