Welcome to my 2001 National Monte Carlo Association of America web page.

This site contains a couple nice pictures of some montes I encountered a the three day event.

I didn't take to many pictures but next years event at Nashville Tennessee will be a different story.

For a larger image click on the picture.


This is all the members of            MCSS.COM

as good as a panoramic shot as I can get.

I think these pictures are small but if I find they are, ill try and get larger images.

This is a picture of a lowered Monte Carlo CL after I saw this guys car I knew I had to lower my car. So tats what I'm doing in a month.

I love the stance on this car not to high and not too low.



Here's The infamous TUBBED MONTE. This guy is one crazy dude.

I think gets a little too high on burning rubber......

can you say suicide trunk. ?!?!?!?!?!?!?

This engine is unbelievable. you could eat off this engine its so dam clean. Every inch of this car was detailed to perfection. All I can say is WOW.

You got to love 3 d's in a Monte.

This is the aftermath of CRUSHERS 502ci Big Block.

This is the best burn out I've seen in a long time. This car is awesome to say the least. I would kill to have this guys car.

Some of the members of mcss.com had some fun in the parking lot. A bunch of lots near the hotel had all new rubber markings. I know I went through about 1/2 a set off tires.

Here's the Yenko Monte SS

a 427 w/  Blower!!!!!

This guy had a complete redo of his engine and interior

Rock n Rhonda's look alike.  This is a different Blue but I like it.

This guy got some nice aftermarket ground effects.

Hers a very nice Monte Cl he had all his parts rechromed and his interior was custom stitched. Very very nice.



Here's a nice Black SS (with the navigation) Nelly get it???

 Here's a nice 2001 Brickyard edition Monte SS.

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